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One of the most analog sounding VST synthesizer ever created has now the most analog sounding preset pack with the proven expertise of Mercurial Tones. Expand your soundscape with Arturia Mini - Premium Artist Presets and enjoy the unique Mercurial Tones sound craftsmanship. 

Mercurial Premium Artist series aims to provide the professional sound of modern producers and Mini Preset pack combines this approach with cutting-edge analog sounding, meticulously crafted presets.


When fat, deep blistering bass or powerful lead sounds are needed or, Arturia Mini has been the synth is the go to tool.


The Arturia Mini Premium ArtistPack contains 103 presets tuned to specially techno and house genres and ready to be loaded up, tweaked, and used wherever you need killer sound fast.

All Presets have 4 different macros assigned to key paramters where you quickly can edit or adjust timbre of the presets and make it yours. It will give you the inspiration that you need and help you to get a jumpstart on your productions.


Exclusive! Only available on

Mini Premium - Artist Preset Pack

€39.90 Regular Price
€35.91Sale Price

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