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Containing 103 carefully constructed presets for the U-He Hive 2, Mercurial Tones – Opalite Hybrid Preset Pack is an influential and innovative tool created from raw, distinct and warm sounds of modular synths by combining it with modern hybrid wavetable engine of Hive 2. 


Each sound is designed to guide you down an inspirational path to help you create new ideas at a blistering speed.


If you have been looking for modular sequences, warm basses and engaging synth leads; this library will provide you what you want. 


All Presets have 8 different macros assigned to key parameters to give you instant access to make cutting-edge presets yours and speed up your production process. 

Opalite: U-He Hive 2 Hybrid Preset, Midi, Loop and Wavetable Pack


Buy 2 Get 15% Off

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