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Xfer Serum Analog Techno Preset pack


Xfer Serum Analog Techno Preset pack is a powerful new library that combines warm sound of analog classics into the modulation heaven; Xfer Serum, resulting with ultimate modern techno preset pack.


Analog wavetables are sampled from Moog Sub 37, Pro 1, Arturia Brute, Roland Tb 303, Behringer CAT, Roland Juno 106 and Yamaha DX7 to capture the beautiful harmonics and fine details of analog classics.


All Presets have 4 different macros assigned to key parameters to give you instant access to make cutting-edge presets yours and speed up your production process. 


  • 70 Analog Wavetables 

  • 103 Xfer Serum Presets

  • 103 Wav Loops

  • 103 MIDI Files


Xfer Serum - Raw, Minimal and Hypnotic


Containing 103 carefully constructed presets for the XFER Serum, Mercurial Tones – Raw, Minimal and Hypnotic Pack is the ultimate combination of influential and innovative tool for raw, minimal and hypnotic synth sounds for your productions. 


Each sound is designed to guide you down an inspirational path to help you create new ideas at a blistering speed.


If you have been looking for modular sequences, raw basses and hypnotic synth keys; this the library that will provide you what you want. 


  • 38 hypnotic keys

  • 21 Raw basses

  • 20 Minimal leads

  • 22 Deep pads and minimal fx

  • 103 Wav loops

  • 103 MIDI files


Xfer Serum Ultimate Survival Techno Presets


Xfer Serum Ultimate Survival Techno Presets are inspiring set of techno presets for Xfer Records Serum that includes sounds of famous techno producers and labels.

Our goal was to push Serum to its limits while exposing every nuance that could be used for getting the professional sound the modern techno artists uses.

The result of hardworking 9 months was an unrivalled library of techno masterpieces that will get you one step closer to your professional techno sound.


  • 100 Xfer Serum Presets

  • 94 Wav Loops

  • 100 MIDI Files

Xfer Serum - Trio Preset Pack Bundle

€116.00 Regular Price
€79.90Sale Price

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