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If you are looking for Free VITAL presets and producing melodic house, deep house or progressive house, these could be something for you. 

VITAL has become of the most popular free VST plugin synths for producing electronic music after few months of release date and it is for a good reason. It’s a visually pleasing and powerful plugin with a modern sound that is better than many of paid synths in the market. 

But designing your own sounds in VITAL takes time, especially if you’re not familiar with synthesis. Fortunately, there’s a dedicated 10 free presets you can download here that is created by no other than Yalcin Efe. 

Presets preview

02 - BS - Plastic lanes (Bm) (120)
08 - BS - Dreaming with Bohmer (Cm) (121)
20 - BS - Squares and triangles (Cm) (122)
30 - LD - Are you hungry (Dm) (123)
39 - LD - The missed dreams (Dm) (122)
41 - LD - Happiness within (C#) (121)
50 - PL - A bit brighter (Em) (122)
57 - PL - Joachim's pluck (Fm) (120)
76 - PD - Breath like Ben (Em) (121)
85 - PD - The upside down (Gm) (122)
Vital Analog Melodic House BOX.png


Download 10 free VITAL Analog Melodic House Presets

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Vital Analog Melodic House BOX.png
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