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We are delighted to announce the second episode of the Mercurial Core Extension series products.


We are extending our core library sample pack with a new benchmark in peak-time techno kicks, rumbles and construction kits. Bringing you a comprehensive modern techno low end library, sourced from hardware drum machines to digital synthesizers.


We have total of 210 kicks samples with 30 different timbres. Each timbre has relevant key version where the thumb of the kick is similar while the tail; hence, the key of the kick is changed. Thus, giving you a kick sample you like in any key in a blink of an eye. 

Moreover, you will find 10 peak-time techno construction kits to help you kick-start fresh ideas or analyze the structure of a peak-time techno groove. An additional 10 rumble loop is also included to spice up your low end.

All sounds have been moulded and recorded using an variety of analog and digital synthesizers and drum machines to provide a single smooth kick library to producers.


If you are out for agressive and tight sound of modern techno sound, this core library extension got you covered. 


Exclusive! Only available on

Mercurial peak-time techno kicks - Core library extension


Buy 2 Get 15% Off

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